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Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know where to start

Don’t worry, we have you covered. The How To Get Started Page will give you an overview of our process. The first step is to fill out the VANVAN Dreamlist™. The purpose of our Dreamlist™ is to help us get to know you. Our experts will review your submission and recommend a layout for your lifestyle or business need.

If you already have a solid idea of what you are looking for, contact us, we will work together make your dreams come to life.

I know exactly what I need; Do I have to fill out the Dreamlist?

No, the Dreamlist™ is a great way for us to get to know you and what your looking for. If you already exactly what you want, or your looking for piece work (solar install, water system install, window install..etc) just click that contact us  and let us know how we can help you!

How do I fill out my Vanvan dreamlist™?

You can fill out the VANVAN Dreamlist™ here.

One of our VANVAN™ experts will carefully review your Dreamlist™ and contact you with in two days to discuss your VANVAN™ plan.

Can you help me customize a work truck?

You name it, we do it. Shelving, electrical, lighting, window installation, 4x4 upgrade, etc.

How do I get my van to or from you if I live out of state?

If you purchase your van or trailer through our local vendors, they'll deliver them free of charge directly to our shop.

If you already own your rig, you can road trip it to us or we can pick it up. This will likely incur a delivery cost - location dependent.

MSP Airport is a 45-minute drive to our shop :)

How do I choose a van chassis?

We are experts in what van chassis or trailer shells will work best for your individualized needs. Contact us for our recommendations.

Do you only modify camper vans?

We upfit all rigs ... trailers, truck beds, vans - you name it. We'll build you a camper van from the ground up or install windows into your trailer for your food truck. You dream it up, we custom fab and build it.

Do you do Flarespace installs?

Definitely! And we will source them for you too! Contact us for details!

Do you sell DIY kits?

No, we don't currently offer this option. BUT keep checking because we have some big things in the works!

Do you install solar?

Absolutely, actually it is one of our specialties. Don't know how much solar power you need, if it is the right choice for your build... contact us!

Do you install Webasto heaters?

Sure do! VANVAN™ is your local certified installer!

What if I just want a few windows put in my van or trailer?

If you are looking for individual service installs, skip the Dreamlist™ and Contact us. Give us an idea of what you are looking for and we will get back to you ASAP. No job is too big or too little! 

What if I need extra storage?

Then you get it. We have plenty of really creative storage ideas for you!

Can I fit my outdoor gear in the vanvan™?

Our designers will work with you to create the perfect layout. We can fit your mountain bike, mother-in-law, and snowmobile in your customized VANVAN™ layout.

Do you have inventory of VANVAN™ modifications I can see in person?

Each van goes to its own home once it is complete, so we don’t always have final versions of the vans stored in the shop. Contact us if you want to schedule a shop walk-through and if there's one there, we'll make it happen.

Do you do van wraps?

We don’t, but we know a guy. Mention this on your VANVAN Dreamlist™, and we'll set you up with our recommendation.

Do you offer financing?

No, but we can recommend financing options for you.

Do you have a waiting room? (Short Service)

We do not have a waiting room at this time, but we are more than happy to make recommendations of where to spend your time while in Hudson if you have a short term service.

Do you want a van or do you want a VANVAN™ ?

We think you know the answer.

Still have questions? Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help.

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